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African Prayer, Evangelism, and
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India Prayer, Evangelism, and Equipping Outreach

April, 2023

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2 Timothy 2:2 Testimonies

Hope:  “The teachings you give to the Pastors give us much hope and many tools to work with our Timothy’s.  Now I know that if I die, the other Timothy’s will continue the work.”  Pastor from Rwanda

Evangelism, salvations, and church growth:  “The knowledge we have received from GEM is building the Kingdom of God in our churches.  We are now training 40 Timothy’s.  We are now sending them out two by two to go and share the gospel.  We could not do this before you came to teach us.  Each group has brought at least one other person into the church as a new believer.  Now 40 new people have been baptized and we are in the process of training them to be Timothy’s.”  Pastor from Rwanda

Mission call:  “I took the material you have been teaching us to teach women, including widows, in Rwanda.  I taught them about reconciliation and forgiveness.  I taught them about prayer and shared the gospel.”  Women’s leader from Kenya

Public high school mission field:  “I am working in a public high school in Kenya.  I have 10 Timothy’s.  One is now a church leader.  They are all beginning to teach others and are multiplying.”  Leader in Kenya

Evangelism, salvation, and church growth:  “I have 10 Timothy’s.  We are from the mountains in Burundi.  They have gone into the mountains to share the gospel and teach others.  The church has grown 80%.” Pastor from Burundi

Multiplication through prayer:  “Before GEM came I was tired because I was one.  Now I have eight Timothy’s.  They each have a Timothy.  They have begun an intercessory prayer team.”  Pastor from Burundi