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African Prayer, Evangelism, and
Equipping Outreach


India Prayer, Evangelism, and Equipping Outreach

April, 2023

June, 2023

Oct 2023



Vision and Mission of GEM

Purpose: Michael and Esther Gray founded Grace Extended Ministries International to help bring the worldwide church together into a deeper understanding of the Great Commission through knowing God intimately. As we grow deeper in our love for God, implanting His Great Command firmly in our hearts, we acknowledge His cry to reach out to all peoples and all nations. Michael and Esther work with churches and ministries worldwide with particular emphasis in Africa and India to train and equip others to spread the gospel message of Jesus through a greater heartfelt understanding of love for our Savior.

Vision: To equip nationals around the world in prayer, grace focused evangelism, reconciliation, and discipleship, and to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Mission: To train pastors and Christians abroad and in the U.S. in prayer, grace evangelism, reconciliation, and discipleship so that they may broaden their prayer and evangelistic efforts to reach non- believers with the gospel.

A calling to the nations: With a willingness to go wherever God leads, Grace Extended Ministry International’s (GEM’s) primary focus is in Africa, southern India, and to those organizations (e.g. Sports ministries, churches, para-church ministry, etc.) both in the U.S. and abroad who desire training and equipping in the area of prayer and evangelism. We also serve as a training, equipping, and sending ministry and raise up and empower prayer and grace oriented evangelists to minister abroad with us.