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Rwanda Remembered

It has been 15 years since the genocide ravaged Rwanda, leaving an estimated 800,000 people dead in 100 days of mass killing. Thousands more survived to the terror of continuous nightmares and relentless grief. Entire families were wiped out and houses burned to the ground. Sometimes only one family member survived. Thousands of orphans were left to fill the streets of Rwanda and have grown up in a world of heartache. Countless women and young girls were raped, wombs were slashed open, and many men and women were left maimed, blinded, and without one or more limbs.

Today, life goes on in Rwanda. For many, the memories linger. Many don't talk about the atrocities of 1994. But grief left unresolved brings long term bitterness. How can a people and a nation forgive? The answer lies in a relationship with Jesus Christ and in His grace and forgiveness.
Grace Extended Ministries International has committed to a several year ministry call to the people in Rwanda. It is our prayer that God will use the love of Grace Extended Ministries to bring healing to the people of this great nation.

Our work begins, continues, and ends in prayer. While we will be on the ground in Rwanda numerous times in the next several years, being the hands and feet of our Lord, we know that it will be the Holy Spirit who will fill the hearts of thousands of people, flooding them with the love of God and creating in them a compassion for their neighbor. It is here, through much continual prayer, that forgiveness and grace filled evangelism take root. It is here that the Great Command will breed new life into countless survivors. It is here that people will find a relationship in Jesus that will transform their lives.