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Ukraine International Sports 2012

Grace Extended Ministries has been assisting Ukraine in the development of an intertwine of prayer and evangelism ahead of the 2012 Eastern European Soccer Championships. In September, 2011, Michael and Esther traveled to Ukraine to meet with More Than Gold leaders in Kiev. They assisted them in laying the groundwork for an intercessory prayer base across Ukraine ahead of the games. They also assisted them in raising up a leader.

In Ukraine, the prayer warriors might be called the remnant. They are few, but they are powerful. This is very typical throughout all of Eastern Europe. While many are older, there are several younger people catching the vision of prayer. Grace Extended Ministries is working with Ukraine to help mobilize the strong remnant and bring inter-generational support to the country.

GEM is working on a possible 2012 post event trip to do some teaching and training in some strategic areas of Ukraine.